Honor Loans

Honor loan: what possibilities with the honor loan in 2019?

If you are negative, but an emergency has arisen and you need money, know that you can get a loan. So we’ve separated the best options for you to get out of this situation:

What are the credit options for negative?

Wallet no money

When financial institutions, such as banks and lenders are being denied, become suspicious and often refuse to lend to people in such conditions.

When these institutions agree to lend money, interest rates are generally higher. Therefore, we separate the types of loans that you can acquire:

1. Refinancing of property and vehicle

1. Refinancing of property and vehicle

One of the credit options for negatives, is to place a property or vehicle as collateral for payment. But, this asset must be removed and registered in the name of who is applying for the loan.

In this mode, some banks may require that part of the money borrowed be used to clear debts and to clear their name.

2. Pledge

If you need the money urgently, this is a great option. And there is no need to prove income and credit analysis.

In this option, you leave your property (jewels, watches, diamonds and valuables) with a financial or pawn house and receive 85% of the assessed value. The company gets your asset and you can only redeem when you pay the loan total (value received + interest).

The personal loan for negatives can be a way to pay off your debts at once.

The biggest disadvantage of the pledge is that the payment term is short, between 1 and 4 months. If you can not make the payment in this period, you will not be able to recover the asset. So one has to think hard about whether it will be possible to afford this commitment.

3. Payroll loan


This is a great option if you are working. Since the loan installments are discounted directly from the payroll, interest rates are generally lower than in other modalities.

It is worth mentioning that this type of loan needs to be well thought out, since the value of your salary will be lower during the payment of the installments.

But, not all financial institutions work with this type of loan for those who are negative.

4. Personal credit

Some fintechs offer personal credit to anyone who is negative.

In general interest rates are high and you have to make sure that you are doing a good deal before finalizing the application.

To do this, keep an eye on the CET value (Total Effective Cost) of the financial transaction. It will show the requested loan amount plus interest and financial transaction fees.

Companies that offer loans for negatives

Companies that offer loans for negatives

Some companies work with credits for people with negative CPF, such as Simplic and Noverde .

Another option is the Low Interest company, which functions as an online simulator and offers more than 30 loan options for you to take out your debts quickly. Check the information on the website and make your simulation.

Is it worth borrowing, even if it is negative?

For those who are negative , high interest rates and the impossibility of negotiating payment (installments and interest rates) is a reality.

However, this can also be an opportunity to clear your name. Either by exchanging more expensive debt for cheaper debt or even taking some of the previous debts to the amount requested.

Calculator,loan application

You need to plan and control your finances when acquiring a loan.

Some care before applying for the loan

There are many companies that take advantage of people defaulting to apply scams. Therefore, it is essential to research hard on the company that will lend you the money. And be wary of proposals with very low interest rates and many payment facilities.

Customized Loans

Which is more convenient? – Customized loans

Often, when you need a loan and start taking a look at the various proposals, you find yourself reading “strange” acronyms like Taeg and Tan . You always wondered what they are, right? The time has come to clarify, so you will discover not only what they are but you will also understand the fundamental role they play in choosing a loan rather than another.

First of all, the Tan and the Taeg are important indicators used to calculate the cost of the loan, that is how much you will actually pay in terms of expenses the requested loan .

Content index

  • 1 What is the Tan?
  • 2 What is the Taeg?
  • 3 Tan and Taeg: which is more convenient?

What is Tan?

The Tan , Nominal Annual Rate , corresponds to the interest to be paid each year for the loan requested. Specifically, it is the amount due to the credit institution. It varies according to the amount of the loan and is usually not paid in a single installment but is deferred in small monthly installments within the loan installments.

Usually the French repayment plan is applied to the Tan . This means that initially the reimbursement of the Tan takes place at a higher rate and then decreases towards the end of the repayment of the loan .

What is Taeg?

Money Dollar

The Taeg , Annual Global Effective Rate , represents all the costs and annual expenses to be incurred after receiving the loan. The Taeg therefore includes the costs of opening the account, the payment of the policies, stamp duties, communications and management fees.

The Taeg does not include optional ancillary costs , ie default interest, government stamps, non-compulsory insurance and any notary fees.

Taeg is not used for rate calculation but we need it to understand how much a loan can be cheaper than another.

Tan and Taeg: which is more convenient?

You must always pay attention: the Tan can never be higher than the Taeg and the Taeg itself can always be equal to or greater than the Tan. At most, the Tan can be zero if the loan is at zero rate . Even though it may seem convenient to you, you must be absolutely aware of the value of the Taeg because the costs and costs of the loan could be very high and, consequently, inconvenient.

Blank Loans

Blank loans – get answers directly

Aros Finans cooperates with Axo Finans and is active in Scandinavia where they mediate unsecured loans through 17 different lenders. An application for a loan between 5000 up to SEK 600,000 over a term of 1 to 15 years requires only 1 UC registration but gives you a loan promise of tough competition where you can choose the offer that suits you best.

The affiliated banks and lending institutions include Bank Norwegian, Bluestep, Collector Bank, Frogtail, Marginalen Bank, Nordax Bank, Santander, Sevenday Finance, Svea Ekonomi, FOREX Bank, Wasa Kredit, Lendify and Avida Finans.

Aros Finance, private loans SEK 5000 – SEK 600,000:

  • Answer the same day (before 16:00)
  • Open loan offer for 30 days
  • 1 UC strike covers 17 applications
  • Long term up to 15 years

Aros Finans is an independent loan intermediary based in Denmark but who directs its business in Swedish and Norwegian private individuals (the lenders who handle the applications are Swedish lending institutions). The purpose is to help you get better loan terms and that by cooperating with serious actors who can tailor a loan according to your wishes.

Therefore, you should apply for a loan from a loan intermediary

Therefore, you should apply for a loan from a loan intermediary

There are quite a number of advantages to applying for a loan through a loan intermediary, firstly, your application is treated separately with each of the lenders just in the same way as when you apply directly with them. The difference here is that you save on the number of UC strikes and do not need to risk your credit rating deteriorating. You get up to 17 loan promises that are open for 30 days , which means that you have 30 days to carefully review the terms and costs offered by each of the lenders who approved you as their customer. Once you have approved the agreement, direct payment can be made.

Apply for a loan

You can find the free application directly on the home page. It is as easy to fill in your tasks via smartphone, tablet or computer as the form is clear and goes in simple steps. In order to finally submit your application, you log in via BankID to verify that you are the one you state to be. Aros Finans then sends your application to the majority of banks, after which you will receive a competitive offer (as long as you meet the basic requirements that are set, see below).

Payment and credit check

Applications are handled during weekdays until 16:00, if you submit your application within office hours, you will usually receive a reply the same day. If the application comes in during an evening or weekend, you will be notified the following weekday. Take your time to read through all the conditions and compare costs in peace and quiet. When signing through BankID, the money is transferred to your bank account within a few days.

Aros Finans makes a credit report via UC that covers the application with all lenders. In order to be granted a loan, one should have good creditworthiness, unfortunately payment remarks are not accepted even if selected partners can accept remarks if you apply with them directly (eg Frogtail ).

Interest and expenses

When applying through a loan intermediary, the application itself is completely free of charge, after which it is individual lender who sets their individual interest rates with any fees such as avi or administrative work. As usual, the interest rate is based on one’s economic situation / form of employment, ongoing loans or any debts and the amount and duration applied for. The interest rate starts from 2.95% – 24%. Starting fee SEK 495 and invoice cost of SEK 35 / month. All costs are presented after you submit the application and it is then up to you to decline or approve the agreement.


How to get investment to increase the company

If you are reading this text it is because you have come to an important moment in business, achieved business maturity and now have more ambitious project plans for it. So it will need investment to grow the company and sometimes this may be a bit more difficult than you imagine to achieve.

Our goal in this post is to help you get the investment you need to put your plans into action. Everything is as practical and fast as possible. For this, we list below some of the main means.

It is important to remember that some will be more suitable than others for you, and the right choice will depend on an internal evaluation. However, many of these tips can be used together, boosting your ability to invest. Check out!

1. Reduction of own costs and investments

When it comes to getting an investment to grow the company, most managers are thinking of raising funds, but there is a simple alternative that will depend only on internal behavioral change.

By making an effort to implement a cost and expense reduction plan , more money will automatically be left over, and over time, it will form a considerable amount. To do this, focus on in-depth research on internal processes and find ways to optimize them to reduce the wastefulness of resources.

Better than this: after achieving concrete results with the economy, create your own investment plan. Fixed income, mutual funds and stocks are some options that can bring high profits in the medium and long term. The most important is to assess the risks and costs of each mode to ensure real profits in the future.

2. Addition of new members

Another interesting option to get an investment to increase the company is to have new partners in the business. Considering that a partner will have to buy part of the company or inject capital to expand its equity value, this can give an economic boost to the venture and still leave resources left over to invest.

Whether you are a relative, friend or investor interested in the business, consider this possibility. The only caution is to leave all the rights and duties of the parties well informed in a formalized and legally recognized contract.

3. Bank Loan

Bank lending is one of the most sought after means to get money, but it is not always the best option. It turns out that the process of releasing resources can be very time consuming due to the bureaucracy involved in this type of modality.

Many banks require a business plan to attest to the feasibility of the project, not counting the guarantees that can be very high and scaring a little.

In addition, costs with high interest rates can make the investment unfeasible for the company, as it will require a longer time for the return of the company. The tip is to research hard to get the most attractive rates in the market, if you choose this mode.

4. Opening of capital

Maybe you have not thought of it yet, but the IPO can be a great way to get investment to grow the company. In short, in this modality, you will have a part of your company divided into thousands of small shares and made available on the stock exchange for buy and sell negotiations.

So the company gets money fast, but must undergo an internal audit before, to conform to Bovespa standards . In addition, more efficient control over operations is required to properly track results and pay the right dividends to investors who are entitled to it.

Despite the complexity involved in the modality, the advantages can compensate, since it helps the company with the objective of obtaining more resources available to invest in growth and, at the same time, makes it more known and relevant in the market.

5. Investors Angels

5. Investors Angels

Most angel investors are individuals who have the desire to invest part of their equity in projects with attractive returns. They usually invest in areas they like, and a well-done business plan will be instrumental in convincing them to invest in your business.

It’s good to remember that a compelling business plan does not mean lying or hiding certain information, but delivering accurate data. Accurate and true information counts more than empty promises of exorbitant profits in this mode.

6. Venture capital

The venture capital (VC) modality represents a group of investors that provide financial resources for the application in low, medium and high risk projects, regardless of the size of the company.

It is not common to participate in projects that are still entirely on paper. They prefer to invest in projects in which the company is already operating and with good revenue generation, but which have great potential for the development of operations and expansion of business.

As a result, they achieve fast returns and a good rate of profitability. This is a great chance to get quick and easy money to grow the business.

7. Online Loan

We left the best for last. If, on the one hand, bank loans are complex and expensive, the mode of online loans is totally affordable and uncomplicated, making it one of the best investment-fundraising options to increase the company.

Through a fully online platform , you can borrow without red tape, with access to resources much faster. And it does not even have to be in the company for that. Just have a mobile device with access to the internet and you can carry out the entire process of requesting and releasing the resources.

All this speed and mobility allows you to save time and money with locomotions to the bank branch. Thus, you no longer lose opportunities for delayed release of money.

These are some of the key means of getting an investment to increase the company. Some are more advantageous than others and can be used together, but you will need to decide this by evaluating what the real needs of the business are.