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Aros Finans cooperates with Axo Finans and is active in Scandinavia where they mediate unsecured loans through 17 different lenders. An application for a loan between 5000 up to SEK 600,000 over a term of 1 to 15 years requires only 1 UC registration but gives you a loan promise of tough competition where you can choose the offer that suits you best.

The affiliated banks and lending institutions include Bank Norwegian, Bluestep, Collector Bank, Frogtail, Marginalen Bank, Nordax Bank, Santander, Sevenday Finance, Svea Ekonomi, FOREX Bank, Wasa Kredit, Lendify and Avida Finans.

Aros Finance, private loans SEK 5000 – SEK 600,000:

  • Answer the same day (before 16:00)
  • Open loan offer for 30 days
  • 1 UC strike covers 17 applications
  • Long term up to 15 years

Aros Finans is an independent loan intermediary based in Denmark but who directs its business in Swedish and Norwegian private individuals (the lenders who handle the applications are Swedish lending institutions). The purpose is to help you get better loan terms and that by cooperating with serious actors who can tailor a loan according to your wishes.

Therefore, you should apply for a loan from a loan intermediary

Therefore, you should apply for a loan from a loan intermediary

There are quite a number of advantages to applying for a loan through a loan intermediary, firstly, your application is treated separately with each of the lenders just in the same way as when you apply directly with them. The difference here is that you save on the number of UC strikes and do not need to risk your credit rating deteriorating. You get up to 17 loan promises that are open for 30 days , which means that you have 30 days to carefully review the terms and costs offered by each of the lenders who approved you as their customer. Once you have approved the agreement, direct payment can be made.

Apply for a loan

You can find the free application directly on the home page. It is as easy to fill in your tasks via smartphone, tablet or computer as the form is clear and goes in simple steps. In order to finally submit your application, you log in via BankID to verify that you are the one you state to be. Aros Finans then sends your application to the majority of banks, after which you will receive a competitive offer (as long as you meet the basic requirements that are set, see below).

Payment and credit check

Applications are handled during weekdays until 16:00, if you submit your application within office hours, you will usually receive a reply the same day. If the application comes in during an evening or weekend, you will be notified the following weekday. Take your time to read through all the conditions and compare costs in peace and quiet. When signing through BankID, the money is transferred to your bank account within a few days.

Aros Finans makes a credit report via UC that covers the application with all lenders. In order to be granted a loan, one should have good creditworthiness, unfortunately payment remarks are not accepted even if selected partners can accept remarks if you apply with them directly (eg Frogtail ).

Interest and expenses

When applying through a loan intermediary, the application itself is completely free of charge, after which it is individual lender who sets their individual interest rates with any fees such as avi or administrative work. As usual, the interest rate is based on one’s economic situation / form of employment, ongoing loans or any debts and the amount and duration applied for. The interest rate starts from 2.95% – 24%. Starting fee SEK 495 and invoice cost of SEK 35 / month. All costs are presented after you submit the application and it is then up to you to decline or approve the agreement.

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