How to get investment to increase the company

If you are reading this text it is because you have come to an important moment in business, achieved business maturity and now have more ambitious project plans for it. So it will need investment to grow the company and sometimes this may be a bit more difficult than you imagine to achieve.

Our goal in this post is to help you get the investment you need to put your plans into action. Everything is as practical and fast as possible. For this, we list below some of the main means.

It is important to remember that some will be more suitable than others for you, and the right choice will depend on an internal evaluation. However, many of these tips can be used together, boosting your ability to invest. Check out!

1. Reduction of own costs and investments

When it comes to getting an investment to grow the company, most managers are thinking of raising funds, but there is a simple alternative that will depend only on internal behavioral change.

By making an effort to implement a cost and expense reduction plan , more money will automatically be left over, and over time, it will form a considerable amount. To do this, focus on in-depth research on internal processes and find ways to optimize them to reduce the wastefulness of resources.

Better than this: after achieving concrete results with the economy, create your own investment plan. Fixed income, mutual funds and stocks are some options that can bring high profits in the medium and long term. The most important is to assess the risks and costs of each mode to ensure real profits in the future.

2. Addition of new members

Another interesting option to get an investment to increase the company is to have new partners in the business. Considering that a partner will have to buy part of the company or inject capital to expand its equity value, this can give an economic boost to the venture and still leave resources left over to invest.

Whether you are a relative, friend or investor interested in the business, consider this possibility. The only caution is to leave all the rights and duties of the parties well informed in a formalized and legally recognized contract.

3. Bank Loan

Bank lending is one of the most sought after means to get money, but it is not always the best option. It turns out that the process of releasing resources can be very time consuming due to the bureaucracy involved in this type of modality.

Many banks require a business plan to attest to the feasibility of the project, not counting the guarantees that can be very high and scaring a little.

In addition, costs with high interest rates can make the investment unfeasible for the company, as it will require a longer time for the return of the company. The tip is to research hard to get the most attractive rates in the market, if you choose this mode.

4. Opening of capital

Maybe you have not thought of it yet, but the IPO can be a great way to get investment to grow the company. In short, in this modality, you will have a part of your company divided into thousands of small shares and made available on the stock exchange for buy and sell negotiations.

So the company gets money fast, but must undergo an internal audit before, to conform to Bovespa standards . In addition, more efficient control over operations is required to properly track results and pay the right dividends to investors who are entitled to it.

Despite the complexity involved in the modality, the advantages can compensate, since it helps the company with the objective of obtaining more resources available to invest in growth and, at the same time, makes it more known and relevant in the market.

5. Investors Angels

5. Investors Angels

Most angel investors are individuals who have the desire to invest part of their equity in projects with attractive returns. They usually invest in areas they like, and a well-done business plan will be instrumental in convincing them to invest in your business.

It’s good to remember that a compelling business plan does not mean lying or hiding certain information, but delivering accurate data. Accurate and true information counts more than empty promises of exorbitant profits in this mode.

6. Venture capital

The venture capital (VC) modality represents a group of investors that provide financial resources for the application in low, medium and high risk projects, regardless of the size of the company.

It is not common to participate in projects that are still entirely on paper. They prefer to invest in projects in which the company is already operating and with good revenue generation, but which have great potential for the development of operations and expansion of business.

As a result, they achieve fast returns and a good rate of profitability. This is a great chance to get quick and easy money to grow the business.

7. Online Loan

We left the best for last. If, on the one hand, bank loans are complex and expensive, the mode of online loans is totally affordable and uncomplicated, making it one of the best investment-fundraising options to increase the company.

Through a fully online platform , you can borrow without red tape, with access to resources much faster. And it does not even have to be in the company for that. Just have a mobile device with access to the internet and you can carry out the entire process of requesting and releasing the resources.

All this speed and mobility allows you to save time and money with locomotions to the bank branch. Thus, you no longer lose opportunities for delayed release of money.

These are some of the key means of getting an investment to increase the company. Some are more advantageous than others and can be used together, but you will need to decide this by evaluating what the real needs of the business are.