Private loan

Cashbuddy is the lender who offers clear and simple solutions when you are in need of a smaller private loan. They review your future ability to pay, which means that payment notes are not a problem to be granted a loan of between 5000 and 25,000 SEK. If you manage your repayments on an ongoing basis, there is also a good chance of increasing the loan to a total of SEK 45,000. The maturity is between 1 and 5 years with a fixed interest rate which is the same for all customers.

Cashbuddy blank loans, SEK 5000 – SEK 25,000:

  • Private loans with fixed costs
  • Loan despite payment remarks
  • Long term, up to 5 years
  • Chance of increased loans up to SEK 45,000

Payment and credit check

Processing takes place on an ongoing basis during weekdays between 08 – 17 (it is possible to submit your application 24 hours a day). To speed up the process, you can sign directly with BankID or e-identification. In some cases, the application may need to be supplemented with documents, otherwise payment will be made within 1-3 banking days – to all Swedish banks – from the time of approval.

Cashbuddy makes a credit check through UC on all customers. However, past debts and payment remarks are not a problem, but Cashbuddy primarily looks at your current financial situation. In order to be approved, it is necessary to have a fixed income in the form of a pension, temporary unemployment insurance or work.

Interest and costs

Interest and costs at Cashbuddy

The only cost that is added when a loan has been granted with Cashbuddy is the nominal annual interest rate of 26.05%, which means that the effective annual interest rate will be 29.4% independent amount or maturity. All costs are fixed so you know exactly how much you need to repay each month. Refunds are automatically made via direct debit on the 27th of each month, so that you also avoid avia tax. Monthly fee, set-up fee and delay fee are SEK 0 each. Everyone is entitled to 2 months free of charge per year, only after they have been repaid for at least 4 months.

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