After Land Dispute, a music festival buys the old Marlboro College campus


The Marlboro Music Festival – a “world-famous” festival and retreat for advanced classical musicians held during the summer in Marlboro, Vermont – plans to purchase the former Marlboro College campus, where the festival has been held since. 70 years old, reports The Vermont Digger.

Ownership of the 500-acre site, known as Potash Hill, has been in dispute since 2019, when Marlboro College announced it was merging with Emerson College in Boston. After the announcement, the nonprofit Democracy Builders Fund bought the campus by pledging to create a low-cost college for under-represented students.

But, according to the digger, the project quickly evaporated following several scandals: the project never received approval to confer degrees and the founder of the project, Seth Andrew, was accused of stealing a network of schools chartered. Meanwhile, Canadian businessman Adrian Stein intended to set up a tech hub on campus and claimed ownership of the property after Andrew negotiated a sale-leaseback agreement with his company.

Not knowing who to pay the rent to, the Marlboro Music Festival went to court where a judge settled the case.

“We are delighted to announce this historic agreement allowing us to protect Potash Hill and our use of the campus,” said Christopher Serkin, Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Marlboro Music, in a joint statement with Democracy Builders and Stein. The festival explores ways to use the campus year round.

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