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ANTELOP SOLUTIONS: Sarah Clark meets CEO Nicolas Bruley and CCO Timothée Grüner

MEET THE INNOVATORS: Antelop Options acts as the trusted partner of card issuers looking to quickly and easily present their prospects with modern mobile and digital card options, explain CEO Nicolas Bruley and Commercial Director Timothée Grüner in a video interview with NFCW Editor-in-Chief Sarah Clark.

Antelop’s white-label SaaS options combine the best security ranges with user-friendly expertise, they say. The combination of technical background, company perception and strong working partnerships is at the heart of Antelop Options’ strategy, add Bruley and Grüner.

“Antelop’s goal is to help the bank as much as possible to implement these sometimes complex projects,” says Bruley. “We put a lot of energy into project management, helping banks understand and find the best solution.”

“Partnership is Antelop’s very DNA,” says Grüner.

Subsequent huge wave

Antelop works with 30 banks, card issuers and fund processors in 20 international locations around the world. The company, founded by former Visa technical consultants in 2014, is now leveraging its legacy of pioneering NFC cellular funds to offer its prospects a complete suite of next-generation card scanning, digital card administration, tokenization, robust buyer authentication and cellular banking. options.

“I would say we’re among the leaders of this next big wave, which we think is digital maps, digital map management and mobile security,” Grüner says.

Watch the full interview to learn more about Antelop’s strategy and the company’s services. It is also possible to visit Antelop’s NFCW Expo storefront to learn more about the company, see buyer testimonials and immediately reach the staff.

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