Bitcoin is now available in 10,000 grocery stores

Grocery store staples include items like bread, milk, eggs, fruit, etc., but some items can be found in most supermarkets nationwide. ATMs have been scattered near entrances and parking lots, as have slot machines that turn pennies into dollars for a fee since the early 1990s. But now 10,000 of these iconic green kiosks can do something else: bring the grocery store in the future.

If you have loose change floating around in your couch cushions, you can start saving it to take to the Coinstar kiosk at your local grocery store in exchange for one of the most controversial items in years. Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic, but now it’s more readily available to those who don’t just trade their money online. Fortune reports that Bitcoin can be purchased with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters at Coinstar kiosks.

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In order to acquire options such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Chainlink, Litecoin, Lumens, and Polygon, customers need to click on the option on the kiosk screen and then insert their phone number. Then they select the amount of money they convert and receive a voucher with a code that is redeemed online. Once logged in, customers insert a customer ID selfie and driver’s license or ID to create a Coinme wallet, which will hold the cryptocurrency.


As of 2019, anyone wanting to buy some digital currency could buy it from kiosks, but this is the first time that physical coins can be used.

“Customers have asked us to make coins other than Bitcoin available on Coinme-enabled Coinstar kiosks,” Coinstar CEO Jim Gaherity said in a statement, according to Fortune. “We want to make it easy for anyone, regardless of their familiarity with crypto, to get started in digital currencies with cash at their local grocery stores.”

Although shoppers can now add Bitcoin to their wallet while adding groceries to their cart, there are some items to avoid at this time. Several recalls have been issued recently, including on items like frozen pizzas and two popular drinks, one for children and one for milks and protein shakes.

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