CLC: Conservatives refuse to talk about lagging wages instead of pushing low wage austerity agenda

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Bruske: As wages lag far behind inflation, Tory leadership candidates ignore struggling workers

OTTAWA, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada’s unions are shining the spotlight on the Conservative Party’s lack of action when it comes to standing up for workers who are seeing their purchasing power diminish as their wages rise to half the rate of inflation.

“Workers are worried about how the rising cost of groceries, gas and basic necessities is eating away at more and more of their pay each month. Conservatives love to talk about inflation, but say nothing about how corporate greed is fueling soaring prices or how workers’ wages are falling,” said Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC). . “All we hear from these leadership candidates is the same low-wage austerity playbook we’ve seen for decades from the Tories and their Bay St. cronies.”

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Evidence shows that continued government spending to help Canadians through these tough times and wages is not what is driving inflation up, rather it is global events disrupting supply chains, profiteering from the pandemic and the depletion of our manufacturing which drive up the cost of living.

“Fair wages, good jobs, and investment in our infrastructure and supply chains are all essential parts of the solution. This will help Canadians pay for their family’s essentials and strengthen our ability to withstand international instability,” continued Bruske. “Yet what we hear from the Conservative Party and the candidates vying to lead them is alarmist about government spending.”

Bruske added that if campaigning Conservatives want to talk about government spending cuts, they need to be honest about the services and aid they plan to cut.

“Conservative candidates are attacking the Bank of Canada, talking about ending supply management and making bizarre suggestions around cryptocurrencies, all while loudly condemning government spending,” Bruske concluded. “Still, they won’t say what they plan to cut. The Conservatives now have to get on the level of Canadians. Do they plan to cut health care, employment insurance and other vital services that people depend on, like the last time they were in government?

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