Costa Rican banknotes awarded “best” in Latin America

QCOSTARICA – The new Costa Rican banknotes, issued by the Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) – Central Bank, received the award for “Best series of new banknotes in Latin America of 2021”, by Reconnaissance International .

Recognition International used this image to showcase and recognize the design and values ​​of the 20,000 banknote. (International recognition)

On his website, the world’s leading source for economic intelligence on currencies, writes: “Best New Banknote Series – Again Central Bank of Costa Rica, this time for all new series, featuring flora and fauna. wildlife and a host of new features ”.

The juries highlighted references to the flora, fauna and ecosystems of Costa Rica that are reflected in each of the posts. “They clearly say ‘this is us, this is our country’,” they said.

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The new 20,000 yen currency has also individually received the award for the best Latin American banknote of 2021 for its design qualities and security, the BCCR said.

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The recognition was awarded at the High Security Printing Awards ceremony by Reconnaissance International by the UK-based company.

These new coins are printed on a polymer substrate (a material similar to plastic), which makes them more durable and secure than those printed on cotton substrate (old banknotes).

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Some features that make these banknotes safer against counterfeiting are the transparent window, the floating circle and the color change on the map of our country that each of them has.

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