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Hello travelers! Your Genshin Impact development team is back, bringing you the details of version 1.6 coming on June 9th. As the world of Teyvat enters the hot summer season, in the next update we have prepared tailor-made summer outfits for you and a brand-new series of sea and island adventures to cool off. heat everyone. Meanwhile, Kaedehara Kazuha, Inazuma’s first new playable character, will join in and lead the Archon quest to a new chapter.

Travelers who have completed Liyue’s main story will be able to move on to the new Archon quest with Kazuha. You can also spend part of your glorious summer in Teyvat in an uncharted sea area for a limited time during version 1.6.

Midsummer Island Adventure

If you enjoy sailing, exploring and fighting, we might have something for you in version 1.6’s main seasonal event: Midsummer Island Adventure. The story begins when Klee receives a mysterious letter from a Dodo-King threatening to take Dodoco away from him. To aid Klee and Dodoco, the Traveler will sail on a ship called the Waverider and explore an isolated archipelago scattered in a remote sea area.

The Midsummer Island Adventure main event will be divided into four stages, each featuring unique gameplay. In the first stage, players must navigate the Waverider and destroy floating towers and enemy encampments, either by firing your ship’s cannon or in close combat. In the next stage, players will be challenged in a race that combines both sailing and flying. The third stage will put your fighting skills to the test with the new opponent, Maguu Kenki. And finally, players will be invited to clear nearby monster camps using three types of Harpastum bombs.

We also want to introduce a little more to the new monster mentioned earlier, Maguu Kenki. With his unique Inazuma style aesthetic, Maguu Kenki also has his own style of attack. When Maguu Kenki’s health drops below a certain amount, he summons ghosts and can deal Anemo and Cryo damage to players. Additionally, any ranged attack will be blocked if Maguu Kenki is not engaged in close combat, forcing players to face him face to face.

Generous rewards await you in the event store as well. By completing the main event challenges mentioned earlier, you can get two event currencies, Shiny Flotsam and Mini Harpastum, which can be used to trade various resources and items, as well as the new Dodoco Tales four-star catalyst up to maximum refinement.

Dress for summer

No summer vacation is complete without cool summer clothes. Therefore, we have designed some summer themed outfits for Jean and Barbara, giving you the very first chance to dress them up with alternative outfits.

The Jean Sea Breeze Dandelion outfit will be available for purchase from the in-game store with a limited time discount. Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit will be free to claim by participating in the Echoing Tales event.

During the Echoing Tales event, items called Echoing Conches can be found throughout the archipelago. By collecting Echo Conches, not only can you hear interesting stories and tales, but you can also get Barbara’s new outfit if you accumulate enough Conches.

We have also prepared other events rich in fun games and challenges on the archipelago. So be sure to check out this new limited-time area during version 1.6.

One more step towards Inazuma

Kaedehara Kazuha, Inazuma’s first playable character, will officially join the game in version 1.6. Wielding an Anemo Vision and a sword, Kazuha not only possesses a versatile fighting style, but also provides buffs to his teammates under certain circumstances.

Kazuha’s Chihayaburu elemental skill will unleash a rushing current of wind that will pull objects and opponents to its current location before hurling nearby opponents, dealing Anemo damage and lifting Kazuha into the air. When Kazuha is in the air due to Chihayaburu’s effects, he can unleash a special plunging attack, “Midare Ranzan,” dealing damage to Anemo and creating a miniature wind tunnel that sucks up surrounding objects and opponents. His Elemental Burst Kazuha Slash will attack enemies with Anemo AoE damage in a single hit, and will leave behind a storm field that will deal Anemo AoE damage at set intervals to all opponents inside. To make Kazuha even more powerful, his Elemental Skill and Elemental Shatter can deal additional elemental damage if they come in contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro.

Kazuha also provides additional buffs to the squad, making her a great choice for your party and squad. By triggering a whirlwind reaction, Kazuha can grant his teammates an elemental damage bonus for their corresponding element. One of his other passive talents can reduce Sprint Endurance consumption for members of your own party.

In the final Archon Quest, Kazuha will also provide clues on the way to the closed Inazuma. For some reason, this wandering samurai is wanted by the Inazuma shogunate and now travels with Beidou’s Crux fleet. The Crux Clash, a great martial arts tournament, will be held there.

Other improvements and more

As always, we’d like to finally share some tweaks that our team have decided to improve on the current gameplay based on some serious consideration and player feedback! Some of you may have already noticed a patch released shortly after version 1.5 went live. The patch aims to improve performance from several points of view, including a steady increase in frame rate on PS5 and PS4.

With version 1.6, if you like the Serenitea pot that we featured earlier, you will also be able to invite characters you own to reside in your realm. Characters in your realm will gradually accumulate character buddy experience over time, and this rate of increase will increase faster with higher Adept Energy Rank.

And that’s all we’d like to share ahead of the 1.6 release on June 9! We wish you a beautiful summer on the sea and the islands of the world of Teyvat!

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