Meet Gary Santo: The CEO Behind TILT’s Innovative Business Model Will Attend Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago

INCLINE Holdings Inc. TLLTF helps cannabis companies build brands, through a portfolio of companies providing technology, materials, cultivation and production services in 36 states in the United States, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Americas of the South and in the European Union.

TILT model

At the Benzinga Cannabis Capital conference in New York, Santo explained how TILT’s business model helps address industry challenges such as lack of economies of scale and interstate cannabis trade.

“It’s completely different,” Santos said. “We don’t really see our commercial footprint as where we’re going to grow. We are looking more at the wholesale side.

The company acts as a partner using its own stores to promote its partners’ brands while focusing on the wholesale and distribution side of the cannabis equation. Brands come with their own brand architecture and TILT works with them to see what needs to change to keep abreast of regulations. “It could be the packaging, the formulation, or the form factor,” Santo said.

“What we do at TILT is basically give you the run of our cannabis assets. So we have facilities in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, soon to be New York, where we are able to provide the actual factory, operations, and also access to our entire sales team.

An initial strategy used by many MSOs is to go out and buy brands. “The problem is that it’s expensive to buy them, to maintain them, and you don’t always know if that brand will be the winning brand,” Santo explained.

During the first quarter of 2022, Tilt has been impacted by inflationary pressure on consumers, associated with both customer orders and regulatory delays which have affected its performance. However, TILT has grown in size. In April, the company’s inhalation business recorded its second-best month of orders in its history. Additionally, TILT announced two sale-leaseback transactions totaling $55 million, which will see the company reduce some of its senior and junior corporate debt.

According to Santothe “opportunistic improvements” introduced in cultivation and processing operations “would seem timely for these changing market conditions, positioning the business for a strong second half of 2022.”

With more than 25 years of experience leading lean, high-performing teams in industries such as consumer finance, financial services, technology and specialty pharmacy, Santo says CPGs (consumer goods) are the future of cannabis, and that certainty is what drove the company to build a business model to navigate the space.

Meet Gary Santo in person at and learn more about TILT’s approach to cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, branding and logistics. The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, the world’s largest and most successful cannabis investment and fundraising event, will be held September 13-14 at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

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