Setting its sights on the future of the hemp industry, Arbor Vita8 continues to grow


“Engaging with and helping hemp growers has always been a top priority for us, and we achieved processing capacity even before the official launch of Arbor Vita8,” shares Jason sirotin, CEO of Arbor Vita8. “We are now looking for ways to extend the services we already offer, while acquiring the right infrastructure to explore new options. “

As one of the few full-service hemp processors in the South, the first step in Arbor Vita8’s expansion will be to add mobile hemp drying services to handle more plants as they grow. their harvest. From there, adding another extraction system and a sanitation system will allow Arbor Vita8 to increase its processing capacity from start to finish.

“This growth will allow us to double both our extraction and remediation capacity in order to meet the needs of our current farmer partners, to attract new producers and to meet the demand of our manufacturing partners,” said Sirotin.

Other additions to existing facilities include enhanced retail manufacturing capabilities, which will allow Arbor Vita8 to bring this service in-house as well as add the ability to produce white label hemp products.

As the processing of hemp for in-demand products like CBD and CBG oil intensifies, Arbor Vita8 is also looking for other uses of hemp to make them profitable. Their eyes are on hemp fiber and all its market potential. To meet this need as it evolves, AV8 plans to install several hemp fiber processing lines that will process thousands of pounds of hemp biomass per hour to create hemp and fiber. .

To maintain this new source of revenue and manage the additional processing lines, Arbor Vita8 will recruit a new team of formulation experts and hemp fiber workers, opening up new jobs across the company.

“Hemp fiber and Hurd create their own streams of business opportunities, and these industries are still in their infancy,” says Sirotin, “but they have the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue and change the world. Hemp will be extremely powerful. – revolutionize industries like construction, consumer packaged goods and textiles. We know the future is in hemp. “

The support of new activity streams and the addition of new equipment also led Arbor Vita8 to be added to its list of certifications. The company is currently pursuing its Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification which ensures that all systems are of proper design, including proper monitoring and control. This certification will also guarantee the identity, strength, quality and purity of the products. In addition, AV8 is working on its accreditation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). This certification will make AV8 a certified manufacturer of CBD for pharmaceutical applications.

“Our clear perspective on the industry has allowed us to anticipate and strategize to meet the need for more capacity, at the right quality, to prepare for any future development in hemp,” Sirotin said. “The dynamics of hemp can change on the fly and currently processors are not responding to these changes in a timely manner due to circumstances beyond their control. We aim to change that by developing systems and best practices that create stability in the industry. “

Already, Arbor Vita8 has established a relationship with Bazelet Oglesby to process their CBG dominant strain, Panakeia ™. This connection allowed Arbor Vita8 to quickly start researching new certifications and start planning for upgrades and improvements to installations. He also helped consolidate the innovative position of the company within the industry.

Arbor Vita8 is about to embark on a new round of funding. “With a filing of Settlement D, Rule 506 (c) in place, we will offer up to 10 percent of our member units to accredited investors, and interest is high,” Sirotin said. These efforts will bring success. 10 million dollars needed to finance current expansion, innovation and development plans.

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ABOUT ARBOR VITA8: Arbor Vita8 is a commercial hemp seed for sale business operating from a 75,000 square foot facility in Phoenix City, Alabama. As a premier resource for the sale, cultivation, processing and wholesale of licensed hemp clones, Arbor Vita8 strives to help our agriculture and manufacturing partners thrive. With a laser focus on the entire value chain, Arbor Vita8 is the right company to partner with. Visit for more information.

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